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Company's Name Cubidor AG
Legal Type   Public Limited Company

Cubidor AG (Aktiengesellschaft)
Moosackerstrasse 17
CH-9444 Diepoldsau

Phone +41 (78) 68 91 448 
Fax +41 (71) 73 31 580 
Head of Board of Directors Martin Kuster
Board of Directors Martin Kuster, Martin Schwarz, Mag. Dr.
Cief Executive Officer (CEO) Martin Schwarz, Mag. Dr.
Swiss Trade Register Trade Register of the Canton of St. Gallen
Trade Register Code CH-320.3.052.749-5




The content of this website has been carefully prepared and reviewed. However, Cubidor AG does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided, or that it is up-to-date. Liability claims against Cubidor AG in respect of material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the information offered or by inaccurate or incomplete information are in principle ruled out provided that there is no provable culpable intent or gross negligence on the Cubidor AG's part.

Cubidor AG expressly reserves the right to alter, amend or delete parts of the site or the entire offering, or to cease publication, without prior notice.

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Where Cubidor AG provides direct or indirect references (i.e. links) to external websites, it is liable only if Cubidor AG has precise knowledge of the content and if it is technically possible and reasonable for it to prevent use in the event that they contain unlawful content.

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As Cubidor AG has no influence on the content and design of other providers' websites the guarantees in this data protection statement naturally do not apply to those sites.


In all publications, Cubidor AG endeavours to comply with applicable copyrights. If, in spite of this, an infringement of copyright should occur, Cubidor AG will after notification remove the relevant object from its publication or indicate the appropriate copyright. All brand names and trademarks mentioned within the Internet offering that are possibly protected by third parties are without limitation subject to the provisions of the law on trademarks and related signs and the property rights of the registered owners. The mere fact that they have been mentioned should not be taken to mean that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights.

Cubidor AG holds sole copyright to Cubidor AG's own content at the domains and Reproduction of graphics or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without Cubidor AG's express consent.

Legal Validity

This disclaimer of liability is to be regarded as part of the Internet offering from which you were referred to this page. Should parts or individual forms of wording in this text not, no longer or not fully comply with applicable law, this does not affect the content or validity of the remaining parts of the document.


Data Protection Statement

Anonymous Data Collection

As a matter of principle, you can visit Cubidor AG's website without telling us who you are. All data we use is the website from which you are visiting us and the pages of our website that you view. This information is analyzed for statistical purposes only. You, the individual user, remain anonymous.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

In the case of special individualized services we distribute personal access data to enter into restricted areas of our website. Therefore, certain portions of personal data (i.e. e-mail addresses) are used for internal identification only.

Data Export and Processing

Under no circumstances Cubidor AG will forward personalized data to any third party. The collected data will also not be used for any type of statistical purposes but only to offer a personalized way to enter individualized Cubidor AG services.