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Facebook urges European firms to engage with Open Compute Project for greener data centres

Facebook urges European firms to engage with Open Compute Project for greener data centres

Facebook has urged European firms to engage more with its Open Compute Project (OCP) to help deliver efficiency savings to data centres.

The OCP project focuses on creating high-efficiency data centre blueprints that are available to everybody and adapt as industry trends arrive. Facebook said it has seen growth across the world with 60 members on board since the project's inception in 2011.

However, it has yet to gain much traction in Europe as firms focus more on green initiatives than efficiency gains, according to Facebook's vice president of site operations Tom Furlong.

"It's grown beyond our wildest dreams," he told an audience at the Datacenter Dynamics Converged conference in London. "We have all sorts of submissions from different countries, although I still don't see anything in Europe that's coalescing around OCP, so I kind of hope that will happen."

The project has seen growth in Asia, with groups springing up and taking on their own interpretation of OCP in South Korea and Japan, but a different mindset towards environmental issues seems to be holding European firms back, according to Furlong.

"Europe is very focused on carbon neutrality and on the environmental consequences. I wish it was translated more into the efficiency side of the house," he said.

"We're very focused on efficiency. Efficiency doesn't necessarily lead to carbon neutrality but quite frankly it's one of the best ways to move in that direction."

He concluded, however, that he feels "the environment is changing in Europe, I would love to see groups ask more about OCP and we're certainly happy to support it".

Facebook has begun to build data centres that are cooled entirely by fresh air, eliminating the need for air conditioning, and recently opened a huge new facility in Sweden too (pictured).

The Open Compute Summit will be held in San Jose at the end of January, where Facebook will unveil its latest developments into OCP.

This article first appeared at BusinessGreen's sister site


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